Dispatched Mobile

Our Dispatched software allows for a wealth of mobile benefits and is designed for dispatchers on the move. Give your field technicians real time updates to their mobile devices and cell phones all from a simple to use interface. It's an essential add on module for businesses who rely on field technicians or field personnel to be mobile.

As a dispatcher, you can’t always be in the office. With our Mobile Dispatcher module, work orders can still be properly assigned while away from the office. Use a laptop, tablet PC, or mobile phone to schedule and dispatch while you’re out of the office. Field technicians can easily access all of their jobs from the ease of their mobile device, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and rugged mobile devices.

advanced technology

Integrated GPS Tracking

Dispatched work order software allows you to track your service vehicles on a detailed map using GPS technology. Service vehicles are tracked using GPS technology in real time from a GPS vehicle tracking device, allowing office personnel to view vehicle position as well as jobs on a map of your city. This visual representation allows users to see who is the closest service technician to a job site in real time. Your entire service vehicle fleet can be displayed along with all of your work order locations.

Dispatching work orders with GPS vehicle tracking can easily be done by looking at the map. Built on Google Maps, Dispatched allows your dispatcher to see exactly where each vehicle is in relation to each service call. A true fleet management solution, Dispatched uses real time GPS tracking allowing your dispatch system to always be current and up to date.

GPS Tracking


"No-Go" areas, Geotagging or Geofencing, and GIS

Simply enter the address that the service vehicle should not enter and the software will alert or notify any personnel you designate when the service vehicle enters that area. You can specify the dimensions or fence area around the site where the service vehicle should not be.

Geofenced or Geotagged areas can be specific to individual GPS tracking units or service vehicles. Or you can apply the geofenced area to all units and service vehicles. “No-Go” areas can even be specified by inputting the latitude and longitude.


Speeding Alerts

Speeding alerts can be vehicle specific or apply to all vans, trucks, or service vehicles. Simply enter the maximum speed for each vehicle tracking unit and the software will alert whichever software user you designate with a notification message on screen.


Bread Crumb Trail and GPS Vehicle Tracking Report

The GPS vehicle tracking report will display Google Maps information showing where the vehicle went, including any off limits (no-go areas) and speeding alerts. Written details will also be displayed that list the vehicle location or address, distance traveled, speed, time of arrival, and time of departure.

The vehicle GPS tracking report will also display the customer’s name where the service vehicle stopped. This gives you a complete and accurate report for verifying when your service technician arrived and departed.

More Mobile Features

Equipment and Asset Management

Asset Management for your service industry is a valuable feature included in Dispatched. When your technicians are servicing equipment, full access to the service history and equipment information is available for each job site. The equipment section can also keep valuable asset information such as make, model, serial number, etc. As an additional service to your customers, you can even provide them web access to view this information and the service history for each asset.

Mobile Field Service

By accessing the software from these devices, your field technicians are able to access in real time their work orders, equipment, mapping, inventory, and all aspects needed for their job. Field technicians can complete the work order with pre-listed custom phrases of work performed which eliminates misspelling. They can also add parts and items to the system while being able to capture customer signatures on their device.

The system is real time, allowing for a completed ticket to be invoiced immediately.

Electronic Signature

Customer electronic signature capture is included as an add on to the mobile module of Dispatched – work order software. When a service technician has completed a work order, the customer can electronically sign the work order on a mobile device. The completed service ticket can then be printed for the customer or even emailed to the customer. Using the email option, your complete service operation could be paperless. Once the customer has signed, the entire work order image is captured and sent back to the office for later viewing and record keeping.

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