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Dispatched – our core work order software product

Dispatched is our main work order and service management software product. It’s designed to help work flow by providing a simple interface where you can enter job orders. These job orders are then available in real time to your field technicians and can be assigned with a simple click. Check out the rest of our software features!


Mobile Module

The mobile module is an add-on to the core dispatch software. It was created to provide a truly affordable MRM (Mobile Resource Management) solution. Also known as field service automation, the mobile module allows for real time communication to and from field technicians. If your field technicians use mobile devices that can access the internet, you will greatly benefit from the Dispatched Mobile Module.

For best performance, many companies choose to use laptops or tablet pcs with network air cards. While SMS (text messaging) is included, Dispatched Mobile features real time, two way communication with field personnel. Customer signature capture and in field printing or emailing of service tickets is also included. Even your sales force can utilize the mobile features of the software to automate their tasks. A true CRM software solution, Dispatched Mobile is the ultimate in mobile resource management.


Accounting Module

The accounting module is an add-on to the core dispatching program. Designed for fast and easy integration with QuickBooks, this module allows you to eliminate double entry altogether. When coupled with our Dispatched Mobile Module, even field technicians or sales personnel can total invoices or estimates in the field.


GPS Module

The GPS (Global Positioning System) Module is an add-on to Dispatched. Fully integrated into the mapping system, the GPS module features real time positioning of service vehicles. A GPS device is mounted inside the service vehicle and connected to a wireless carrier such as Sprint, Nextel, Verizon, AT&T, and more.

GPS data is fed in real time to Dispatched which can also be used for speeding alarms, unauthorized zone alarms, and historical reporting. The Dispatched GPS module features accurate GPS software, that provides reliable information to help reduce fuel costs and misconduct among field technicians. If you are looking for a total mobile resource management software solution for your service business, Dispatched has an all inclusive service software solution.

preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Module

Choose your customer, specify how often the service occurs, and the software automatically creates a work order for that customer at an interval of your choosing. It’s that simple.

Need to assign the same technician for each recurring service agreement? No problem. Simply choose the date and technician, and the software will automatically block off that time slot on the schedule / calendar for that technician. Invoice service agreements using QuickBooks items quickly and easily. QuickBooks items can even be setup to invoice using progress billing, allowing for accurate accounting of maintenance services.


Barcode Module

The Dispatched Barcode Module is an add-on to the core dispatching program. Designed for fast and easy barcode generation, this module allows you to barcode your inventory, non-inventory, QuickBooks items, and equipment. When coupled with the Dispatched Mobile Module, even field technicians or sales personnel can scan a computer generated barcode price list.

Dispatched uses barcode 128 to allow your QuickBooks item list to remain intact. Upon entering the product into the system, it will be converted into a barcode that can then be scanned by using a barcode reader such as those made by Motorola, Symbol, or Intermec.

No barcodes? You can make a complete item and inventory list that has automatically generated barcodes which can be printed by Dispatched. These can then be scanned by handheld devices to provide accurate levels of inventory or to provide accurate pricing for the customer.

remote mobile dispatcher

Remote Mobile Dispatcher Module

The Remote Mobile Dispatcher module is an add-on to the core dispatching program. Designed for fast and easy in field scheduling and assigning work orders, this module allows you to work from anywhere. When coupled with the Dispatched Mobile Module, even field technicians or sales personnel can assign, create, schedule, and dispatch work orders.

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