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There are 3 easy steps to follow as you look to integrate Dispatched with your business. These steps include the core software product, mobile capabilities, and accounting integration. Each step involves different levels of your organization and different levels of organizational commitment.

Why is there a process to implement?

Change is not easy for people or organizations. DeFNiC software understands this. Full implementation of the software requires a high commitment by your organization. This process is recommended to be followed for a successful implementation of our work management software into your business.The process length is determined largely in part by the number of people affected by the change and doesn’t happen overnight. In an effort to maximize the implementation time, we have identified a series of 3 steps to get you ready to go as soon as possible.

3-Step Implementation Process

Step 1 - Installation

The first step in the overall implementation of the Dispatched software is the installation of DeFNiC’s core product. With the installation of Dispatched, your scheduler and dispatcher will be able to enter work orders, schedule work orders, and efficiently manage the work order life cycle.

Personnel needed: Dispatcher and scheduler
Level of organizational change: Low
Recommended Requirements: 6 hours of online training

Step 2 - Mobile Dispatched Module

The second step in the overall implementation of the software is the installation of DeFNiC’s Mobile Dispatched Module. With this module, work orders can be sent to and from field technicians in real time.

Personnel needed: Dispatcher, Scheduler, and Field Technicians
Level of organizational change: Mid-Low
Recommended requirements: 1 hour of online training

Step 3 - QuickBooks Module

The final step in the overall implementation of the software is the installation of DeFNiC’s Dispatched QuickBooks Module. With this module, QuickBooks users can invoice work orders through Dispatched, thereby eliminating double entry and time wasted on having to move the information to that system.

Personnel needed: Dispatcher, Scheduler, and Accounting Department
Level of organizational change: Mid-High
Recommended requirements: Experience with QuickBooks and 1 hour of online training

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