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Dispatched Core Product

Our core product allows for the entry of work orders in multiple formats: service orders, new installs, estimate, work ticket, etc. Our simple and easy to use system allows for a variety of comprehensive solutions, such as tracking all work orders, service technicians, field technicians, or field personnel locations on Google Maps.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner el_class=”gps-list-row”][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

  • Detailed customer information
  • Exact geographic location of every work order
  • Tracks service vehicle location either with GPS or without GPS
  • Dispatch multiple locations from a single office
  • Allows for multiple dispatchers
  • Notify key personnel of important work orders
  • Detailed security log and password protection
  • Multiple map views
  • Enhanced find and search capabilities
  • Create reports
  • View work order history quickly in one click
  • Export customer lists for mailing lists or sales promotions
  • Customize view by location, work order type, scheduled date, in progress, etc.
  • Enterprise options enabling you to run a multi-faceted business

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  • Daily scheduling calendar and weekly scheduling calendar featuring drag and drop
  • Detailed mapping of current and future work orders
  • Track callbacks and In warranty work orders
  • Detailed reports by customer, location, employee, etc.
  • Allocate work orders by type and priority
  • Convert work order type with single mouse click
  • Unlimited work order and customer records
  • Detailed searching capabilities with interactive reports
  • Built in reminders
  • Custom fields for work orders
  • Service agreements / preventive maintenance with automatic order creation
  • Attachment of external files to work orders or customers
  • Track advertising and marketing campaign expenses

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Dispatched Mobile Module

Our mobile module is an add on to our Dispatch software allowing for work orders to be sent to and from field technicians or field personnel. It offers true real time mobile tracking and is an essential add on module for companies seeking to make their workforce mobile and the office paperless.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner el_class=”gps-list-row”][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

  • Send and receive all work order information to and from field technicians or field personnel
  • Eliminate double entry of any information
  • Track work order status in real time
  • Track field technician location on Google Maps in real time with or without GPS
  • Track field technician time spent on job
  • Field technician receives Google Maps directions of work order location
  • Map a technician route with drive time, mileage, and turn by turn directions
  • Drag and drop feature for dispatching work orders
  • View multiple technicians assigned work orders from central screen
  • Low cost alternative to GPS tracking

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  • Custom phrases for one click completion of work performed
  • Quick lookup of inventory parts from in the field
  • In-Field printing of invoices and work orders with signature capture
  • Create work orders from the field
  • Add custom fields for serial numbers, part numbers, etc.
  • Built-in time clock for in-field time tracking of employees and jobs
  • Add a link to your company‚Äôs website to automatically create work orders
  • Automatic dispatching to field technicians
  • Equipment tracking, asset Management, CMMS

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Dispatched QuickBooks Module

Integrating QuickBooks with our Dispatched software allows for the easy integration of accounting services. This includes allowing work orders, customers, payments, and more to be sent to and from QuickBooks with a simple click.

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  • Invoice multiple work orders with one click
  • Receive payments and make deposits without double entry
  • Invoice in the field, receive payments in the field, print out customer receipt in the field
  • Automatic import of QuickBooks customers and custom fields
  • Job costing functionality
  • Use QuickBooks price levels for customers

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  • Attach inventory parts used by field technician
  • Automatically update inventory
  • Accurately calculate tax, invoice total, and inventory items directly in the field
  • Import and export customer information
  • Allocate work orders by customer and/or job

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Request a software demo

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