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About DefNiC Software

DeFNiC Software is a computer software company specializing in optimization of time and resources for small to large businesses that use a mobile field workforce. Our suite of work order software products are designed to provide Mobile Resource Management (MRM) in the Field Force Management (FFM) and Field Service Automation (FSA) sectors.

DeFNiC Software automates most of the normal functions involved in managing field personnel. Our suite of service dispatching software can be tailored to meet the specific needs of companies with a mobile workforce.

By implementing our software, businesses with mobile workforces will see an average increase in productivity of 20 to 40 percent. The return on investment for our customer’s results in a payback period of less than 6 months for most of our customers.

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Industry Solutions

Improve Your Business

  • Distribute, monitor, and evaluate workloads company-wide
  • Enhance the customer service and customer satisfaction cycle
  • Maximize productivity and employee job satisfaction
  • Automate daily business processes
  • Integrate sales, installation, service, accounting, and management into a complete package
  • Substantially improve the cash flow process

Mobile Solutions

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Why DeFNiC Software?

The field of Mobile Resource Management and specifically Field Service Automation has grown significantly in the past few years. Businesses both small and large are beginning to see the importance of managing mobile resources and mobile service personnel. Mobile service technicians, in the past, have had to rely on paper work orders and a phone call back to the office to obtain information. This can often cause mistakes to happen and wasted time that could be used providing service to many other clients.

With the advance of mobile technology, transferring information and obtaining access to information is now easier than ever. Mobile field personnel can now have access to the same information as if they were at the office from the ease of their mobile device.

Field Service Automation software will dramatically change the way the modern service business operates, and DeFNiC Software will continue to evolve with the industry. If you are looking for quality dispatch software for your service company, we have it.