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Dispatched is work order software designed for the service industry.  Whether you call it Dispatching Software, Field Service Automation, or Mobile Resource Management, Dispatched combines all of the tools necessary to manage a work order's life cycle, from the time the service call is received through to when the work order is invoiced and filed. 


Dispatch Board and Schedule

Integrated Mapping with optional GPS


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When I started looking for work order software for my service companies, there was none.  Now, there are a multitude of choices for service software.  What sets this dispatching software apart from the others is that it was written by the service industry for the service industry.  -- S.D.  Texas



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About DeFNiC Software

DeFNiC Software is a computer software company specializing in optimization of time and resources for small to large businesses that utilize a mobile field workforce.  Our suite of work order software products is designed to provide Mobile Resource Management (MRM) specifically to the Field Force Management (FFM) and Field Service Automation (FSA) sector.  We provide work order software that automates most of the normal functions involved in managing field personnel.  Our suite of software products can be tailored to meet specific needs of companies with a mobile workforce.  As a result of implementing our software, businesses with mobile workforces will see an average increase in productivity of 20 to 40 percent.  The return on investment for our customers results in a payback period of less than 6 months, for most of our customers. 

About Dispatched Work Order and Service Management Software

With advanced features designed to optimize time and efficiency, Dispatched is a complete work order and service management software system.  A work order can take on many different forms including estimates, install orders, service calls, service agreement, preventive maintenance and more.  With the CRM portion of Dispatched, your customers simply click a link on your website and fill in a request form that automatically gets put into the software.  Dispatched is highly customizable, allowing for custom fields and customization of most software fields.  In addition, DeFNiC Software offers additional customization at very economical rates.  Managing work orders is easy and efficient with Dispatched.  A work order can be scheduled by using the convenient drag and drop scheduling software.  Dispatching work orders can be automatic or manual.  The schedule or dispatch board can automatically dispatch a work order to the designated service technician.  With the integrated mapping and GPS module, all work orders and service vehicles can be seen on a detailed map.  Service agreements and preventive maintenance can be set up on a recurring cycle, allowing the software to automatically manage your preventive maintenance customers and service agreements Asset management and CMMS is also included.  With the asset management portion, office personnel and field technicians can easily review installed customer equipment including make, model, serial number, service history and any number of custom fields.  Field technicians can use mobile devices such as tablet PCs, PDAs, or mobile phones to view, update, print, email, and complete service tickets in the field.  Field technicians can even use the barcode software portion of Dispatched coupled with a computer generated price list with barcodes.  Customers can sign the completed work order on the mobile device using the customer signature software.  A printed receipt can be left for the customer, or for a complete paperless solution, a receipt can be emailed to the customer.  The updated work order can then be viewed by management in the office.  Simple integration into accounting software such as Quickbooks can be done with a single click of the mouse with the Quickbooks work order software integration module.  Job time, parts, employee hours, work performed, and all aspects of invoicing are completely automated with Dispatched.  Dispatched even includes the ability to track your marketing and advertising campaign results.  When you are ready to get serious about service business management, take a look at Dispatched.

About Mobile Resource Management and Field Service Automation

The field of Mobile Resource Management and specifically Field Service Automation has grown significantly in the past few years.  Businesses both small and large are beginning to see the importance of managing mobile resources and mobile service personnel using a quality work order program.  Mobile service technicians, in the past, have had to rely on paper work orders and a phone call back to the office to obtain information.  With the advance of mobile technology, transferring information and obtaining access to information is now easier than ever.  Mobile field personnel can now have access to the same information as if they were at the office.  Our software turns your work order into an electronic document that you can manipulate as your company sees fit. Field Service Automation software will dramatically change the way the modern service business operates, and DeFNiC Software will be continue to evolve with the industry.  If you are looking for dispatch software, service ticket software or work ticket software for your service company, we have it.





















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